January 24, 2023x
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Chronic Illness With No Diagnosis: Ronaé Fagon On Navigating a Medical System Not Set Up to Cater to a Mystery Illness

In this episode, we talk to Ronaé Fagon, a sustainability thought leader, illustrator, fashion designer and co-founder of the sustainable e-commerce platform SlowCo. We talk about Ronaé’s experience ...

January 17, 2023x
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Claudia Walder on Shame, Community + Finding New Ground after Disability

In this episode, Nora talks to Claudia Rose Walder, a London-based editor and creative director working within the realms of styling, image direction and journalism. She is also a disability activist...

January 10, 2023x
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Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy: Playwright Matilda Ibini on Humour, Writing Your Way Through

In this episode, Nora talks to Matilda Ibini. Matilda is a Nigerian Londoner and an award-winning bionic, Queer playwright and screenwriter with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Their work often centr...

January 04, 2023x
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Alexa Wilding on Caregiving, Minor-Major Characters in Your Story & Two Cancer Diagnoses in One Family

In this episode, Nora talks to Alexa Wilding , a writer, musician, and mother of two whose cancer and caregiving experience has both built community and informed her creative life. We talk about what...

December 20, 2022x
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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Charlie Fitz On Using Art to Reclaim the Medical Narrative

In this episode, we talk to Charlie Fitz. Charlie is a UK-based sick and disabled artist, arts practitioner, writer, co-director of the remote artist studio TRIAD³ c.i.c and medical humanities postgr...

December 13, 2022x
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Lupus: Poet Tonya Ingram on Navigating the Organ Donor System

In this episode, we talk to Tonya Ingram, a poet and mental health advocate living with Lupus. During our conversation, we discuss Tonya’s experience being on the kidney transplant waiting list, the ...

December 04, 2022x
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Liver Transplant: Nora’s Story of Liver Failure, Reimagining Dreams and the 'Why' of So, Life Wants You Dead

In this episode, Nora talks about her illness, what happened when she went into liver failure and her subsequent liver transplant surgery. Speaking to her friend and former colleague Christine Cestar...